School Policies


Our students are to come to school in either formal attires or smart casual attires. We would not allow students to come to class in skimpy wears, short dresses and pants, flip flops, shredded jeans or ragged jeans.


We engage a reputable caterer to cater for our meals and they are of a very good standard. We serve refreshment during tea break and offer continental and local dishes during lunch break.


The Auction School gives equal admission opportunity to applicants irrespective of race, religion, handicap or gender.


Almost all the States comprised of the Federal Republic of Nigeria require an Auctioneer to procure a license to practice, such license can be obtained at the respective Local Government Office.

However, the Lagos State Government demands a minimum academic qualification for Auctioneers before a license to practice can be issued by the State Government.

We may assist our graduates to procure the Auctioneer’s License of Lagos State on the graduate’s payment of the necessary License and associated fees to the Lagos State Government.


The Auction School will undertake a case-by-case analysis of a student’s situation before deciding whether to make a full refund of the tuition fees or not. Where the School decides that a full refund should be made, an administrative fee of a sum not less than ten percent (10%) shall be deducted from the said tuition fees. The cost of registration is non-refundable.

Cancellation and refund will not be available to any student who wishes to cancel and have a refund two (2) weeks before the course for which he/she is registered for commences.

An applicant who for reasons beyond his/her control could not commence classes after making initial deposit or full payment may be given the option to defer his/her admission to the next diet but such deferment shall not exceed one year after the intervening event. If such an applicant has paid tuition in full, such payment will credited to his/her account with the school and he/she will not have to make additional payment to join a subsequent diet. Where the applicant has not paid in full, he/she will be expected to make full payment at the current rate as of the time when the diet he/she will participate in commences.